Andrew Farrell

Exercise Physiologist

Andrew is an accredited Exercise Physiologist (EP) who is excellent at assisting and educating his patients on specific techniques to rehabilitate both acute injuries and chronic disease management. 


It was Andrew’s core beliefs in the power of our body and the importance of a healthy lifestyle as well as his desire to help the Ballarat community that led his career change away from engineering and into healthcare. Andrew graduated from the Exercise Science degree as Dux and went on to complete the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Exercise Physiology. At the same time Andrew also completed studies in Remedial Massage Therapy to expand his hands on skill set, enabling his patients the benefit of enhanced understanding of our body. Andrew has since completed his Masters degree in Exercise Physiology via research which explored the area of fundamental gross motor skills in preschool aged children.

As an Exercise Physiologist Andrew is passionate about helping patients by relieving pain in the short term and increasing their physical capacity for the long term to enable them to function better, sooner and for longer. Andrew still utilises the analytical skills he first learnt as an Engineer to understand more deeply how the biomechanics of your body operate. This unique approach enables him to problem solve complex cases providing the best rehabilitation treatment for various injuries and conditions. 

Andrew understands that injuries and pain often originate from either an overloading or underloading mechanism and can help you navigate how to repair from injury with a safe approach that allows you to achieve your goal faster. This means that whether you have been injured doing the sport you love, during or soon after pregnancy, in your workplace or in a motor vehicle accident, you need the correct prescription of exercise by someone who knows your injury and how your body needs to perform intimately. You may not know your mechanism of injury or understand why you have chronic pain or a chronic disease. In this case, it is crucial to your recovery that you gain knowledge about your condition and how it has reduced your capacity to function at the level you wish to perform. Andrew will guide you and educate you moving you towards self management by empowering you with the tools to stay stronger and move better for the longer term.

Andrew is registered for NDIS, WorkCover, TAC and DVA. Andrew also accepts and bulk bills (no out of pocket fee) Medicare funded referrals from GP’s. This type of care arrangement is called Chronic Disease Management (CDM) or formerly Enhanced Primary Care (EPC). More information on this type of arrangement can be found at the website for The Department of Health by clicking here or by talking to your GP to discuss your eligibility.

Andrew operates within your comfort zone by prescribing exercise in a setting that you are most comfortable with, whether that is a home exercise program that you can complete in the privacy of your own home or at your local gym guiding you as to what equipment and movements to use safely and efficiently.

Andrew co-founded Intrinsic Healthcare with his wife Dr. Kerry Farrell (Chiropractor) to enhance the Ballarat community’s health by uniting skilled and like-minded allied health practitioners. He has seen the benefit of a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare and looks forward to providing you with the best available care from an incredible team of caring practitioners.

Andrew practices what he preaches and lives a healthy, active lifestyle. He regularly enjoys team sports, resistance training and an endless variety of outdoor activities. Andrew is always looking for the next fun activity to enhance his own and his families mental and physical wellbeing and looks forward to helping you with yours.


MONDAY 9:30am – 7:00pm

TUESDAY 8:30am – 2:00pm

THURSDAY 9:30am – 2:00pm

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