Nurse Practitioners are nurses who have extensive experience and highly specialised skills in their area of expertise. Nurse Practitioners can diagnose, manage and treat patients within their specialty. Nurse practitioners can prescribe medications relevant to their area of specialty.

Allergy Nurse Practitioners can help patients with the diagnosis and management of:

  • Paediatric and adult food allergy and intolerances
  • Paediatric and adult eczema
  • Paediatric and adult allergic rhinitis
  • Paediatric and adult asthma
  • Services currently include:

    – Skin prick testing
    – Spirometry
    – Skin assessment
    – Allergen immunotherapy initiation


Aymie Sdraulig

Sigrid Pitkin

Nurse Practitioner (Allergy Immunology)

Aymie Sdraulig

Jess Sandwith

Nurse Practitioner


Nurse practitioner appointments are eligible for Medicare rebates with a GP referral. Visit your GP for a professional opinion on whether Sigrid Pitkin is an appropriate referral for your condition and gain Medicare rebates in doing so.

If you require allergy testing you can request a referral from your GP which will allow you to claim Medicare rebates for appointments. Sigrid will take a detailed allergy history to determine the testing required to diagnose your allergy triggers. Once identified through medical testing, Sigrid will formulate your treatment plan with your goals in mind. New patients are required to stop antihistamine use 5 days prior to their first appointment as this medicate can distort results of skin prick testing. Sigrid encourages you to continue with your preventer and nasal sprays though. If you have had a reaction to a food, please call our reception team as you may need to bring a small sample to your visit.