Driven by a passion for maximising your health, our team of caring practitioners strive to provide comprehensive healthcare that is safe and effective while acknowledging how wonderfully diverse and complex the human mind and body are.

Our ability to involve different health professions enables us to deliver enhanced results for complicated health conditions. Our practitioners work as one, combining their skills and knowledge to provide you with improved health outcomes conveniently under the one roof.

The Intrinsic team are focussed on providing goal orientated healthcare for their patients and their families. They work to decrease discomfort and pain and to increase a child or adult’s ability to perform at school and work, increasing learning ability and confidence. They also work to decrease behavioural troubles in children and help them perform at their true potential.

We listen and deliver genuine care towards our patients. Helping you feel and function better is our priority.


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Andrew Farrell

Exercise Physiologist

Dr. Kerry Farrell


Dr. Joel Karslake


Karina Farmers


Belinda Reid


Aymie Sdraulig

Remedial Therapist