Dr. Kerry Farrell


Dr. Kerry Farrell has been a chiropractic patient since she was six weeks old and has personally benefited from care throughout her young sporting career. She was inspired by one of the professions leaders and from the age of 12 set her mind towards becoming a Chiropractor. The Chiropractic technique Dr. Kerry uses is safe, effective, science-backed and gives fast results without the traditional chiropractic manipulation (that means no cracking!)


During your consult, Dr. Kerry will demonstrate how the technique will affect you or your child in a positive way before proceeding with treatment. You will feel immediate change after you have been treated on the first consultation and Dr. Kerry will be able to predict likely outcomes based on extensive clinical experience.

Modern chiropractic techniques that have an emphasis on changing the way the brain communicates with the body allows a huge range of musculoskeletal conditions (pain especially) and chronic conditions to be managed. Although chiropractic cannot cure many health complaints it can aid in relieving the effect that they can have on your muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments throughout your whole body (not just your spine!)

Dr. Kerry only accepts Medicare referrals from GPs for her current patients. This type of care arrangement is called Chronic Disease Management (CDM) or formerly Enhanced Primary Care (EPC). More information on this type of arrangement can be discussed with your GP to explore your eligibility. Please be aware that Dr. Kerry DOES NOT bulk bill these consults and there is an out-of-pocket charge for initial and return appointments.

Dr. Kerry is only taking new patients that are pregnant, or children (under 18 years old). Dr. Joel and Dr. Bailey are chiropractors that are seeing new patients of all ages excluding those below the age of 3 years old.

Dr. Kerry takes the time to listen and understand your complaint. She respects the complexity of your health and appreciates that chiropractic treatment may be supported or enhanced by other types of health services.

Dr. Kerry has many connections in the Ballarat health community to which she refers confidently to help patients achieve their goals. Dr. Kerry has seen the benefit that professionals working together can bring a patient. This led to the inception of Intrinsic Healthcare which she co-founded with her husband Andrew Farrell (EP).

Kerry is only taking pregnant women and children under 18 years as new patients