Naturopathy is a distinct system of health care. Six foundational principles underpin the practice of naturopathy: The healing power of nature, first do no harm, find and treat the cause whenever possible; not only the symptoms, treat the whole person, education and prevention. These six principles are kept in mind when a naturopath takes your case, develops a treatment plan and offers maintenance for long term good health.

Naturopathy is both an art and a science. Naturopaths are health promotion specialists. Maria will use scientific evidence as well as traditional evidence in practice.

Naturopathic case-taking often uncovers dis-ease long before it has become a diagnosable pathology. Naturopaths treat both acute and chronic conditions. Naturopathic care is well suited to anyone at any age. Naturopaths use various modalities in their practice. These may include: herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, homeopathy, dietary and lifestyle advice, massage therapy or other therapies.



The main role of a nutritionist is to help people achieve optimal health by providing information and advice about health and food choices. Maria will develop healthy lifestyle programs and diet modifications to ensure you reach your health goals. A nutritionist will provide the motivation and encouragement to keep you on track to success.

Keeping healthy is very important for your body to work efficiently to ensure that you are getting maximum benefits from your food intake. If you regularly eat processed or sugar-laden foods, then your body may not be receiving the necessary nutrients that your body requires to work. A nutritionist can inform you of the healthier choices available for food consumption and tailor your diet and lifestyle plan to your own needs.



According to the World Health Organization (WHO), herbalism is the use of crude plant material such as leaves, flowers, fruit, seed, stems, wood, bark, roots, rhizomes or other plant parts, which may be entire, fragmented or powdered. The term herbalism refers to the long historical use of these medicines to support the healing function of the body. Because of the long tradition of using botanicals to promote health, the use of herbs is well established and widely acknowledged to be safe and effective. Maria will prescribe a specific formulation if required to reach your health goals.



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